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Our objective is to graduate a technician specialized in the production of electrical products, that is used in energy transfer and measurement such as cables, transformers, and meters. In their first year his skill

Our objective is to graduate a technician specialized in the production of electronics, that deals with power electronic devices used in the fields of chemical processing plants

Our objective is to graduate a technician specialized in the maintenance and repair of mechanical machine malfunctions. During the three year course of study, the curriculum is divided into three parts

In cooperation with DBSCHENKER, one of the worldwide leading companies in logistics, STA is offering the three years programme in logistics. In general, logistics is the management of the flow of things between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet requirements of customers

Digital learning in STA is based on using the latest technology that enhances the interaction between the students and their teachers while giving the school administration an oversight of the whole learning process.

 STA we believe in the concept of ‘Smart Schooling’ so in collaboration with Nileage, an Egyptian software house, we developed our in-house School Management System (STA-SMS) which includes the automation of administrative processes

We combine world-class technology with infrastructure, focusing on security and scalability to take the learning experience to an unprecedented level. We implement solutions and services that are scalable and address the fast paced world we live in

STA provides a unique opportunity for its students to become part of the unique society of the well-educated technicians. At STA, students are exposed to digital programmes that raise their capabilities in using the computer and enables them to pass the ICDL Exam



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