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Student Services

Programme advising:

If you have any question regarding the programmes of STA or other issues, please contact

Programme Calendar:
1-All STA programmes start every year in September

2-First term: September to January (mid-year exam: January 1st to 15th)
3-Second term: February to May (end of year exam: May 1st to May 15th)

On-the-job training:
1-STA is following a dual approach in technical training. This means that students spend two days a week in STA (school) and four days per week in a company related to their chosen programme (Industrial
Electronics, Energy Components, Mechanics, Maintenance & Repair).

Elsewedy Companies that support on-the-job training:
1-EgyTech Cables (3 factories)
3-Iskra Emeco Meters
5-Elsewedy Engineering

Medical Services:
1-In STA we believe that health is one of the most important pillars of our students’ welfare, therefore
STA provides private full medical insurance coverage for all students, which covers all health related

1-Bus transportation is a main service STA provides. Transportation is provided to all students to and from
several locations in the vicinity of the10th of Ramadan City. This service is organised and regulated by
the school administration.
2-Taking into consideration the safety of our students, STA follows the safety guidelines concerning the
number of students on every bus, which doesn’t exceed the bus capacity, also formalising the bus routes
and collecting accurate information about the buses and drivers.

Financial Aid:
1-Part of the STA mission is to support the students financially and to embrace the value of effort and
work. Accordingly the school provides a regular financial compensation for its students as a training
reward, and this reward is an average of 300 EGP monthly.
2-Through very good performance in the annual interim and final examinations, the trainees can receive
additional bonus payments.

1-Our mission in this department is to provide help and support for students, in order to maintain a
healthy, psychological, social and emotional development for all of them. We are open to discuss all the
parents’ inquiries regarding their son’s psychological wellbeing, social adjustment or behavioural
attitudes. We welcome them to contact us from 8:30 a.m. till 2:30 p.m. so that we can arrange for a
meeting to discuss these inquiries.
2-Similarly, if the school identifies a problem with any of the students, the school directly contacts the
parent and calls for a meeting to find out together what can be done to support the student.