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Student Services

Medical Services:
1-In STA we believe that health is one of the most important pillars of our students’ welfare, therefore STA provides private full medical insurance coverage for all students, which covers all health related issues.

1-Bus transportation is a main service STA provides. Transportation is provided to all students to and from several locations in the vicinity of the10th of Ramadan City. This service is organized and regulated by the school administration.
2-Taking into consideration the safety of our students, STA follows the safety guidelines concerning the number of students on every bus, which doesn’t exceed the bus capacity, also formalising the bus routes and collecting accurate information about the buses and drivers.

Student training Allowance :

In order to keep our students motivated and engaged, students are provided with a monthly allowance of 300le from the factories that they receive their technical training in. .

School Uniform
STA provides its students with annual school uniform. High quality uniform for both summer and winter seasons.

Students at STA receives daily meals, light breakfast and a snack

Distance learning
An integral component of STA educational system is the e-learning which provides all our students with access to distance learning

STA provides help and support for students, in order to maintain a healthy, psychological, social and emotional development for all of them. We are open to discuss all the parents’ inquiries regarding their son’s psychological wellbeing, social adjustment or behavioral attitudes.