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Programmes Overview

STA programme offers customised technical education and training for the major industries following the latest international standards. Currently the technical curricula cover the fields of

  • Energy Components (Cables & transformers)
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Mechanics, Maintenance and Repair
  • Maintenance and Repair for heavy equipments
  • Steel Production
  • Logistics
  • Plastic production

All our training programmes reflect a “dual approach”, following the German system of technical education and training, which is a combination of two complementary learning & training tracks that take place in the school and in the factory. All curricula of STA are a competency-based, aiming for a holistic approach that combines on-the-job training and regular school learning to empower the students with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude.
In order to provide comprehensive programmes, STA offers cultural subjects and topics concerning key qualifications, cost reduction and soft skills. This training programme is approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Education (MoE) and is considered as one of the most developed programmes in Egypt.

  • Cost reduction
  • PLC
  • Hydraulic
  • Cables production technology
  • Pneumatic
  • Computer Skills
  • English language
  • Arabic language

The performance of the students in all subjects will be examined twice a year, in the mid-term and final-term examinations, according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education.
The performance of the students during the work-based training in companies will be evaluated accordingly.