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Industrial Electronics Program

Our objective is to graduate a technician specialised in the production of electronics, that deals with power electronic devices used in the fields of chemical processing plants, oil/gas/petroleum plants, mining and metal processing units, electronics, semiconductor manufacturing, control systems, instrumentation, mechanism and diagnosis, signal processing and automation of various industrial applications.

During the three year course of study the curriculum is divided into three parts:

1-The first part focuses on the technical skills, specifications and quality systems for these products.

2-The second part is concerned with the development of the students’ skills in how to reduce costs during the industrial production process.

3-The third part acts on building and developing the personality and planning capabilities and their ability to solve problems and interact with others.

After the completion of the course of study, there is an opportunity for every student to be recruited within one of the factories that belong to Elsewedy Group in Egypt or abroad.

Subjects in this Programme

  • Technical drawing
  • Technical mathematics
  • Electricity technology
  • Power electronics technology
  • Automatic control technology
  • Machinery and electrical transformers technology
  • Generating stations
  • Machine control
  • Cost reduction
  • Computer Skills
  • English language
  • Arabic language

The performance of the students in all subjects will be examined twice a year, in the mid-term and final-term examinations, according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education.

The performance of the students during the work-based training in companies will be evaluated accordingly.