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Food Production

Field of “Food Production”
Specialization of Food Production Dough & Bakery

Food Production Technician (Dough & Bakery)

Student enrolled in this specialization will be awarded with three certificates:

English Language Certificate, accredited by the University of Cambridge, England

Technical Diploma Certificate, accredited by the Ministry of Education and Technical Education of Egypt

Finnish Certificate of Competencies from Omnia Education Partnerships, accredited body by the Finnish Ministry of Education

Standards and selection criteria of the Partner’s company:

Partner’s factory

Factory location

Mandatory criteria

Additional skills/criteria that will increase selection chances

The benefits and importance of certificates obtained by the student:

  • Finland is the leading country in the field of technical education as Finland is distinguished by preparing the educational curricula based on the needs of the labour market and in accordance with the highest European standards by following the latest technologies and modern learning methodologies. It qualifies students to acquire distinct skills and provides many opportunities for academic graduates to continue their education in Egypt or Finland, as this certificate gives them more alternatives to technical education and training paths.
  • Proficiency in the technical English language, through programs delivered by one of the most renowned British University, which qualifies the graduate to work in major multinational factories and companies.
  • Experience certificate for the practical training from one of the largest factories specialized in the field.

Program Brief
This program follows the dual education system providing three-year technical diploma, where student attends 80% of their studies in practical training inside factory and 20% in theoretical studies inside school. It qualifies the graduate in the specialization of food production dough & bakery.

The program is designed according to the following three components:

  • The first component focuses on technical skills and quality systems for products.
  • The second component is concerned with the development of the students’ skills in how to reduce costs during the industrial production process.
  • The third component works on building and developing the personality, planning capabilities and the student’s ability to solve problems and interact with others.

Learning outcomes:

Knowing the organizational structure of the training institution

  • Industrial safety, occupational safety and health, environmental protection and optimal use of the environment
  • Practical applications on the concepts of cost reduction within production processes
  • Using some analytical tools to solve problems
  • Making bakery, traditional-bread bakery and biscuits
  • Gaining basic mechanical and electrical maintenance skills
  • Quality test
  • Equipping bakeries for small business
  • Using tools, equipment and materials and being aware of their specifications
  • Operating bakery machines
  • Implementing food preservation procedures
  • Making pasta and noodles
  • Making chocolate, cream, cakes and oriental sweets
  • Planning and implementing small projects (feasibility study – preparing budgets – management)
  • Processing special food (for infants, children, patients, and athletes)