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IT Infrastructure

We combine world-class technology with infrastructure, focusing on security and scalability to take the learning experience to an unprecedented level. We implement solutions and services that are scalable and address the fast paced world we live in.

STA’s present portfolio of smart apps ranging “Opendocman”, as our Document Management System of choice, spanning online in-house “Survey Monkey” grade survey system. We pride ourselves as taking the lead in terms of hardware specifications and software. As we are always concerned about taking the lead in terms of IT service quality offered at the academy which is sometimes considered critical. We have taken necessary steps to be on the edge by following and maintaining a strict quality control plan.

Our infrastructure consists of highly equipped labs with state of the art facilities to serve our students’ learning, in addition to our newly established ICDL training and testing center. Teachers are also provided with desktops and laptops to facilitate their work in the school.

STA is supported with a light speed broadband Internet connection, an internal server for the local applications (SMS, Office suites related applications) and a cloud server for the online Environment (LMS), application servers that share and utilise software and a class leading security solution powered by Kaspersky Labs.