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STA aims to apply a comprehensive selection process that assures a proper selection to the students who will be enrolled with minimum human factor involvement through a complete automated process through out all the different phases from announcement, registration, technical screening to placement. STA selection criteria is based on 3 main pillars:

  • Transparency
  • Through setting an announced selection criterion to the public
  • Effective communication with students at every stage whether accepted or rejected
  • Technical involvement of Industrial partners in the selection process


  • Equality & Diversity
  • STA selection process is not gender or religion biased
  • Equal opportunities to all students to apply throughout the different stages of the process


  • Accessibility & Inclusion
  • STA provides all students the accessibility to education through a scholarship scheme that provides at least 70% funded scholarship to a fully funded scholarship
  • STA receives annually a capacity of 450 students with the vision to expand to reach out to a bigger number of students every year
  • STA gives consideration within the selection to social inclusion of people with certain disabilities
  • Special attention and consideration with students’ household financial status


Selection Process Stages








Admission to AY 20/21 click here  Admissions 2020