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Admission Procedure:

Applicants accepted at STA should pass the preparatory school with at least a score of 200/280
and to be a graduate of same year he/she is applying

Admission starts in July every year, applicants go through different assessment stages including computer knowledge, English language, fine motor skills test and finally a one-to-one interview
The student must then bring all his official papers and start the enrollment process.
Admission Requirements:
Academic requirements:

  1. Fresh Graduate from a preparatory school with a minimum grade 200/300 (graduated in the same year of his/ her admission)
  2. Basic level of English language

Non-academic requirements:

  1. 15 years of age
  2. Living in the 10th of Ramadan City or close
  3. Shows sensitivity for technical issues

For more information regarding admissions, send your inquiries to: