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Admission Procedure

  1. The student will submit a scanned copy of his 3rd preparatory certificate.
  2. The school will interview the student.
  3. The student will sit for an assessment.
  4. When the student passes the interview and the tests, he will be accepted as a member of the STA community.
  5. The student must then bring all his official papers and start the enrollment process.

Admission Requirements:

  • Academic requirements:
    • Fresh Graduate from a preparatory school with a minimum grade 200/300 (graduated in the same year of his/ her admission)
    • Basic level of English language
  • Non-academic requirements:
    • 15 years of age
    • Living in the 10th of Ramadan City or close
    • Shows sensitivity for technical issues

How to apply:

Students are enrolled one time per year in September. So please send a scanned copy of your 3rd preparatory certificate before August 15 to

Admission Priority:

Priority to those who pass the interviews and assessment, show respectful attitude and have high grades.