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Educational Model

STA educational model is based on a dual education system following International standards.  This approach fosters the connection with the industry to meet the market needs and hence enhancing graduates’ employability. Dual education system is a combination of school-based theoretical education and practical training in factories.  For the current fields, students spend two days at school for the theoretical education and basic lab training, and four days at the companies for the practical training. Dual system can be adapted based on the needs of each industry.

Curricula are competency-based, aiming for a holistic approach that combines on-the-job training and regular school learning, combining apprenticeship in companies and regular school learning, to empower the students with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude. Training programs are tuned with each industry by STA competent team and accredited by the Egyptian MoE&TE. STA is providing international certification and accreditation to its programs by partnering with international entities such as the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Egypt and the Finnish Global Education Solutions.

Students receive two certificates: a diploma from the Ministry of Education & Technical Education and a certificate from Finland or the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Egypt. STA also provides its students with extra curricula activities that enhances their soft skills including technical English course certified from Cambridge University, England.

The challenge is to combine both face-to-face learning in the classroom and self-learning activities of the students outside the classroom.

One of the first steps to introduce e-learning and blended learning was the installation of a virtual learning environment, which reflects the structure of courses and subjects of all training programmes.