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Training Methodology

In STA we believe that the growing role of information and communication technologies must be reflected via modern technical training called SMART learning. Beside the dual approach of the training programmes, we embrace SMART learning to gain the maximum benefit of the technological advantage we provide.

SMART Learning is a synonym for the intelligent or smart mix of teaching and learning modes, taking into consideration that the regular teaching and learning process which takes place in the classrooms or workshops, and which is based on the one-to-one support, will not be replaced by the e-learning.

The teaching or learning mode will be selected according to the respective desired learning outcomes in the areas of knowledge, skills and attitudes. E-learning and blended learning are more than just new forms of learning.

The challenge is to combine both face-to-face learning in the classroom and self-learning activities of the students outside the classroom.

One of the first steps to introduce e-learning and blended learning was the installation of a virtual learning environment, which reflects the structure of courses and subjects of all training programmes.