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Elsewedy Technical Academy is a non for profit institution, powered by Elsewedy Electric Foundation, providing three-year secondary level programmes under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Technical Education. These programmes offer customised technical education and training for the major industries following the latest international standards. STA was established in 2011 in link to Elsewedy Electric factories and as a commitment to enhance the technical education and vocational education system in Egypt and the region; since then STA expanded to serve other industries.
There are currently two STA operating in Egypt, located in the 10th of Ramadan Industrial Area, with the total capacity of 1200 students, in the following fields: Energy Components, Industrial Electronics, Mechanics Maintenance and Repair, Mechanics Maintenance and Repair for heavy equipment, Logistics, Steel, Plastic, Food and ICT. A total of 400 qualified graduates are introduced to the market each year, with high employment rate at Elsewedy Electric factories
STA acquired the international Quality Management Certificate ISO 29990 in 2018 so it became the first TVET school in the region with this certificate.

STA Strategy 2020-2025
• Providing International Certification and Accreditation
• Social Inclusion & Access to quality education
• Open new technical education paths
• Strengthen the collaboration with private sector
• Reach 10,000 beneficiaries (students and trainees)
• Expansion in Egypt and the region