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Campus: STA currently has 2 modern locations, both are situated in 10th of Ramadan City. Both schools are equipped with state of the art educational media, which include interactive smart boards, technology laboratories as well as computer labs. School buildings are well prepared to provide a healthy environment for the welfare of the students. This is represented in the anti-static, anti-magnetic floors, sturdy and functionally designed chairs and desks, in addition to the well-lit and designed classrooms and corridors, which creates a conducive environment for students’ learning.

Laboratories: STA is a high tech school equipped with laboratories for Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Mechatronics. These labs are fully featured with respective learning equipment by FESTO-DIDACTIC, the world-leading provider of equipment and solutions for technical education.

Classrooms: Our classrooms are considered exemplar learning facilities; all classrooms are equipped with interactive smart boards by SMART Technologies. In order to secure the best level of student-teacher interaction, we are maintaining the class size up to a maximum of 16 students per class. This class size supports the effective implementation of the individual learning methodology and competency-based approach to training.

E-learning: At STA, we adopt the concept of SMART learning side by side with the dual system approach of the STA programmes and the integration of soft skills training.

SMART learning: SMART-Learning is a synonym for the intelligent or smart mix of teaching and learning modes, taking into consideration that the regular teaching and learning process which take place in the classrooms or workshops, and is based on the one-to-one support, will not be replaced by e-learning. The teaching or learning mode will be selected according to the respective desired learning outcomes in the areas of knowledge, skills and attitudes.
E-learning and blended learning are more than just new forms of learning. The challenge is to combine both face-to-face learning in the classroom and self-learning activities of the students outside the classroom. This will lead to the required change of the learning culture and habits. To introduce the concepts of e-learning and blended learning, a virtual learning environment was introduced which reflects the structure of courses and subjects of all training programmes.

The interactive smart board: Top-notch technology, connected to the internet and the internal school server that enables the interaction between the teacher and the students through their tablets which are connected to the online environment.

Tablets: The school provides the students with tablets, that are connected to the school’s digital environment in order to provide an equal opportunity for all students, to access their learning material anywhere and anytime.

Conference Hall: A highly equipped conference hall exists on the ground floor for meetings and staff training purposes.

Digital Library: STA has a digital library with many titles to enrich and support the learning process; this library aims to reach 1:10 student-title ratio.

Auditorium: A theatre like hall that is designed for collective meetings, presentations and performances.