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About us

The initiative :

In 2011, Elsewedy Electric and the Ministry of Education signed an initiative to start Elsewedy Technical School. This initiative aimed to improve the technical education and training for both, males and females in order to have a better connection between the technical school and the professional work environment by providing an enhanced educational programme focusing on training the students and developing their skills in a real work environment.
Based on the success of the technical school, Elsewedy Electric aimed to extend the concept beyond the local market and support the region as a whole, under the name of Elsewedy Technical Academy, STA.
Elsewedy Technical Academy – STA is a three-year technical secondary school that is offering customised dual technical and vocational education for the major economic industries based on German standards.

STA offers full scholarship for both male and female students, with a current capacity of 1,200 Students

STA acquired the international Quality Management Certificate ISO 29990 in 2018 so it became the first TVET school in the region with this certificate.

Admission starts on July of every year. Applicants go through different assessment stages including computer knowledge, English language and fine motor skills test and finally a one to one interview.

The number of accepted applicants is based on the available seats at the participating companies.