The next day, the woman bought some fresh fruit, fresh chicken, fish, meat, and so on. Later, the cook arranged for her to make two boxes and buy a jar of good wine. The second child in the central room came to the door of Chiang's house. Three Qiao son this day does not see the woman to arrive, is several dark clouds open the door to come out to visit, happens to meet. The woman taught the second child that Yao was downstairs and sent him first. The dark cloud has told its mother. Sanqiaoer treated the woman like a guest until she went up the stairs to meet him. The old woman thanked her for a thousand times and said, "Today I have a glass of water and wine to amuse myself with the old woman." "It's not right to ask you for alms money," said Sanqiao. The woman asked two maids to move up and set the table. "" You're too pedantic, old man, "said Sanqiao." Get up like that. The woman said with a smile, "a small family can't prepare anything good. They just offer it as tea." The dark cloud went to fetch the cup, and the warm snow blew the water stove. Suddenly the wine was warm, and the old woman said, "I'm too old to be careful today. I'd like to ask the old woman to take a guest seat." "Even though they are disturbing each other," said Sanqiaoer, "how could they do that in my humble abode?" After a long time of humility, Mrs. Xue had to sit at the guest table. This is the third time to get together, and I feel even more familiar. In the middle of the drinking, the woman asked, "The officer has been out for a long time and hasn't come back yet. Thanks to him, he left his aunt behind." "That's right," said Sanqiao. "They said they would turn around in a year. I don't know how they ended up in the cabinet." "According to the old man," said the old woman, "if you put down your beautiful wife,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, it won't be rare for you to accumulate a lot of gold and jade." The woman added, "Most people in Jianghu treat their guests as if they were at home, and treat their families as if they were guests.". For example, my fourth son-in-law, Song Ba Chao Feng, had a daughter, happy in the morning and evening, where homesick? Or three or four years, only once. After staying for less than a month or two, I came again. The eldest lady in the family supervises him to bear the burden of loneliness and widowhood. Does she know what he's doing outside? "I'm not such an official,Prison toilet for sale," said Sanqiao. "How dare you compare heaven with earth?" The old woman asked. "It's just gossip." On that day, the two riddles were thrown and they were drunk and left. On the third day, the same waiter came to get the house fire and got half of the price. Sanqiao kept him for a snack again. From then on, on the pretext of paying half of the money on credit, she only asked for news about Brother Xing and walked from time to time. The woman was sharp-tongued, talkative, and half-crazy. She was used to making jokes with the maids, so everyone liked her. As soon as Sanqiao didn't see him for a day, she felt lonely and asked the old people to recognize Xue's family and often go to invite him in the morning and evening, so she came frequently. There are four kinds of people in the world who can't be provoked by him. If they cause trouble, they can't refuse him. What are the four? Traveling monks and Taoists, begging for bows, idle men, and tooth women. The last three kinds of people are still acceptable, only the tooth woman is to wear the house into the house, the women are afraid to calm down, ten or nine to pull him to come and go. Today, Mrs. Xue was not a good person, Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin ,Concealed Flush Valve, and she was generally sweet and soft, so Sanqiao became a close friend with him, and he could not be less at any time. Exactly: It is difficult to paint a tiger's skin but not its bones; one knows a man's face but not his heart. Chen Dalang asked for a message several times, but Xue Po only replied that it was too early. At that time, in the middle of May, the weather was getting hot. In front of Sanqiao, the woman said that the house was narrow and faced west. The summer moon was the most inappropriate, and it was not as cool as the upstairs. "" If you can stay at home, "said Sanqiao," you can spend the night here. "It's all right," said the woman. "I'm afraid the officer will come back." "He'll be right back," said Sanqiao. "It's not the middle of the night." "Auntie doesn't mind being annoyed," said the old woman. "I'm used to knowing each other. Why don't you come over tonight and keep Auntie company?" "You don't have to take everything," said Sanqiao. "Why don't you just spend the summer here and go home?" The woman really told her son and daughter-in-law that she only brought a comb box. "You're too busy, old man," said Sanqiao. "Is there a shortage of oil combs in my house? Why did you bring them?" "All my life," said the old woman, "I have been afraid of washing my face in the same soup and combing my hair together. Aunt is afraid of not having a delicate comb, how dare the old man use it? Other Hu children, the old body is also afraid to use, or bring their own lunch box. Is it just that the aunt pays to rest in the gatehouse? Pointing to a small rattan bed in front of the bed, Sanqiao said, "I've arranged your bed in advance. I'll be closer to you. I can't sleep at night so I can gossip." Say, check out a green gauze account to come, teach a mother-in-law oneself to hang, ate a little while wine together again, just rest. The two maids had been sleeping in front of the bed, and the old woman had sent him to sleep in the next room.
From then on, the woman went out to do business in the street during the day, and went to Chiang's house to rest at night. The gallant and lively people who often carry the pot to knock, and so on. The bed was laid by Ding Yuyang, and although it was separated by a curtain, it seemed to be sleeping together. At night, you ask and I answer, and all the obscene talk in the neighborhood is done. This woman or fashion drunk style, to talk about their own youth when the many affairs of the thief, to seduce the woman's love. As a result, the woman's tender face turned red and white, white and red. The woman knows that the woman's heart is alive, but the words are not easy to say. Time passed quickly, and it was the seventh day of the seventh month, which was Sanqiao's birthday. The woman prepared two boxes of gifts early in the morning to give birth to him. Sanqiao thanked him and left him to eat noodles. "The old man is a little poor and busy today," said the old woman. "I'll come to accompany the old woman in the evening to see the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl marry." Then he went away. Just a few steps down the ladder, I met Chen Dalang. It's not easy to talk on the way, so I went to a quiet alley. Chen Ta-lang raised his eyebrows and complained to the woman, "Godmother, you are so slow-hearted!"! Spring has gone and summer has come, and now autumn has passed. You say it's too early today and too early tomorrow, but you don't know that every day is like a year. After a few more days, when her husband came back, the matter went down the drain, but it didn't kill me alive! "Yin Si has to ask you for your life." "Don't be in a hurry," said the woman. "The old man was just about to invite me. It's just in time.". Whether it can be done or not, only tonight, it must be done according to me. So and so, so and so. Be gentle and quiet, don't be tired. Chen Dalang nodded and said, "Good plan, good plan!"! When it's done,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, it will be rewarded. Say, go with pleasure. Precisely: arrange into an array of stealing jade and incense, and take pains to carry the clouds and hold the heart of the rain.

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