"What!" Deng Gongpu straightened his upper body and gazed at him. "Where did you get the news from?" He asked in awe? Where are the people? Chien Shih-chieh replied respectfully, "I heard it in the Escort Agency at noon. Something happened to the Sun's Escort Agency in Longtan last night.." Deng Gongpu was stunned again. Just as he was about to open his mouth, Deng Rulan asked, "Elder Martial Brother Chien, what happened to the Sun's Escort Agency?" Chien Shih-chieh straightened his face and said with a straight face, "It is said that the Sun brothers and sisters were caught up by Luo Tong in a wilderness about twenty miles away from Longtan yesterday evening. Not only did he rob them of their silver tickets, but even Miss Sun Yuehua was captured by a thief. The eight escorts were also killed at the same time!" When Luo Tong heard this, he raised his eyebrows and his eyes were about to crack. The tiger stood up and gnashed his teeth, saying, "Damn this thief for killing innocent people so indiscriminately!" Chien Shih-chieh was stunned. He looked back at Luo Tong and said to himself, "I don't know who this young man is. He's so impolite in front of Shifu!" Of course, Deng Gongpu understood his disciple's mind. He coughed lightly and said with a slight smile, "Shijie, this is Luo Tong, brother Luo." As soon as the words came out, Chien Shih-chieh was stunned again. Deng Gongpu answered with a smile, "Don't you understand the meaning of being a teacher?"? The man who kidnapped Miss Sun Yuehua and killed eight escorts was just pretending to be Brother Luo! "Oh!"! So that's it! Chien Shih-chieh was suddenly enlightened. Xie Guangyi couldn't wait to ask, "Director Jian, have you ever heard where that fellow is now?" Chien Shih-chieh said,inflatable air dancer, "It's said that he kidnapped Miss Sun and fled south." "South of Longtan?" Xie Guangyi hesitated for a moment, then suddenly said as if he had realized something: "Go south?"? Could it be that he fled into the mountains of Maoshan? "Well!" Deng Gongpu nodded and said, "It's possible!" "Yes!" Chien Shih-chieh also answered. The disciple heard that Master Mu and Chief Escort Sun had chased him down. Sun's Escort Agency sent a letter early this morning, inviting fellow practitioners to help him and rush to Maoshan to save people! Xie Guangyi suddenly stood up and said, "Piao Weng, brother, you have to go first!" As soon as the voice fell, he was about to step out. Scan: nightwarrio rOCR: NightP "Pisces Fantasia" exclusive serial The ninth chapter is true and false Luo Tong difficult to identify. "Wait!" "Where are you going,Inflatable meltdown, brother Guangyi?" Asked Deng Gongpu in surprise. Xie Guangyi stopped and said with a straight face, "Brother, I want to go with Zhuang to mobilize Zhuang Ding and rush to Maoshan to search for the whereabouts of the thief and avenge my daughter." Deng Gongfu shook his head and then said with a slight smile, "Brother Guangyi, please sit down. That thief can control Sun Sanying and kill eight escorts of Sun's Escort Agency with his hands raised. Naturally, his martial arts are so high that it's no problem. Even if you've practiced fists and feet, you're no match for that fellow!" Xie Guangyi said angrily, "So you don't have to avenge my daughter?" Deng Gongpu said with a smile, "Brother Guangyi, please calm down. This thief pretends to be Brother Luo and kills innocent people indiscriminately. How can the elder brother stand by?" "Ha ha!" He laughed loudly and then added, "Even if the elder brother doesn't go, this younger brother Luo will never give up if he commits murder under an assumed name." "What are you going to do, brother?" When Xie Guangyi heard him say this, inflatable amusement park ,Inflatable outdoor park, he turned around and sat down again. "It's getting late now," said Deng. "I'll tell them to have dinner early. We'll talk about it while we eat and discuss how to act." At this point, he turned to Deng Rulan and said, "Laner, go to the kitchen and tell them to cook some dishes that Uncle Xie likes to go with the wine." Deng Rulan answers: "Good, the daughter goes now!" Then he ran out in a flash.
"Elder brother," said Xie Guangyi, "we've decided to go to Maoshan, and my brother must go too." "Well.." Because he didn't know martial arts, Deng Gongpu frowned and said thoughtfully, "Brother Guangyi, now we know that the thief has gone to Maoshan Mountain, but we don't know his exact whereabouts. The mountain path is rugged. According to my elder brother's advice, you don't have to go." In fact, he did not know that Xie Guangyi knew martial arts, and his martial arts were not bad! When Luo Tong heard this, he thought to himself, "Listen to Deng Laobo's tone. He doesn't seem to know martial arts, but the cold air just now came from his palm." "No," said Xie Guangyi in a deep voice, "I've made up my mind to go this time. Does my elder brother think I'm in your way? With Manager Xie as my companion, I'll never be a burden to you!" Since he was so insistent, of course, Deng Gongfu was embarrassed to say any more. But Deng Gongpu laughed loudly. "Brother Guangyi," he said with a straight face, "since you're anxious for your enmity and insist on going together, you'd better go together. But the mountain road is steep, and the thief is very cunning and vicious. Brother Guangyi must go with his elder brother and not act alone." Xie Guangyi repeatedly handed his hand and said, "Elder brother, listen to everything!" "Shijie!" Deng Gongpu looked back and said, "We'll leave after dinner. After you've had dinner here, you can go back to the Bureau early." Chien Shih-chieh gazed at him and said, "I want to go with you, too!" "No!" Deng Gongpu shook his head and refused, saying, "As a teacher, there are almost enough people here. Your father is the only one. Listen to your teacher. It's better to go back." Chien Shih-chieh asked, "I wonder if Younger Martial Sister would like to go with you." "Of course I'm going!" Deng Rulan blurted out. Chien Shih-chieh said, "Master, since Younger Martial Sister can go with you, the disciple also wants to go. The disciple has been studying with you for many years. If he has something to do, the disciple will work hard and follow you. It's good to practice. This is an opportunity. You can promise the disciple to go with you." As he spoke, he and Deng Rulan winked secretly. Of course, Deng Rulan also understood what his wink meant. She chuckled and said,inflatable bounce house with slide, "Dad, Elder Martial Brother Chien and Sister Thrushcross got along well. Sister Thrushcross was killed by a thief. Elder Martial Brother Chien has been very sad all the time. Let's go to Maoshan this time to find the thief who pretended to be Brother Luo. Naturally, Elder Martial Sister Chien will go with him. You promise him to go!" 。 joyshineinflatables.com

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