The banquet is not interesting, behind each socialite is clearly marked their own stock market as chips, people of equal value are qualified to make friends. Song Yanyu was too lazy to deal with it, so he only showed up and drank two mouthfuls of champagne and slipped out of the back door. The body is a little hot, she gathered up the fur shawl to stand on the step, looked at the car scene like the light flow, sighed gently. Don't want to go home. The driver stopped the car and ran two steps to help him. "Miss, where are we going?" The guard of the Green Villa has been able to automatically identify Song Yanyu's car. She stood outside the door of the villa with her skirt in her hand and went through it several times in her heart. If Tang Junting asked her why she had come, she would say that she had gone wrong. The doorbell rang several times, but no one was there. Song Yanyu's heel touched the ground and pressed his finger on it. With a "drop", the door opened and it was dark inside. Come, come, then wait. Looked at the time, nine o'clock in the evening. Song Yanyu carried the skirt upstairs, changed the pink long-sleeved trousers and returned to the first floor to sit. She took out her cell phone and kept brushing their CP videos until her neck was stiff, but Tang Junting still didn't come back. Unable to stand the stimulation of "Love Storm", Tang fans did not expect to see their male gods on the variety show one day. They all went to Song Yanyu's micro-blog and clicked on it to see a clear "thank sister-in-law". Song Yanyu felt that the mobile phone was hot. Just as he hesitated to go, the door rang, and Tang Junting leaned against the door,Small Dc Gear Motor, half squinting his eyes and looking at her with his lips turned up. You Have been drinking? "Mmm." Tang Junting is not much, but the way he drinks is different from usual, and his eyes will be sharper. He changed his shoes and sat on the sofa next to Song Yanyu, his arms blocking his eyes and leaning on the back of the sofa. What were you looking at? Song Yanyu looked at his cell phone subconsciously, "just." Weibo, your fans have come to me to comment. "What comment?" Tang Junting took his hand away. Breathing was hot, and Song Yanyu's wrist shook slightly. She couldn't say it,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, so she showed him her cell phone. Tang Junting didn't respond. He just nodded and said, "That's right." That's not right! They call me sister-in-law! Tang Junting, who had been drinking, always made her feel something was wrong. She exudes a sense of danger, like a contented cheetah, emitting male hormones, which makes her dizzy. If your fans knew we were just in a contract relationship, would they tear me up.. The girl's tone is stuffy. It's like being wronged. Tang Junting looked so itchy that he turned his face sideways. Song Yanyu did not dare to look at him. He only heard him say, "Shall we become real?" Song Yanyu: ".." She doesn't know what to say. She can't even sit now! Her God, want to fall in love with her?! Is this true? "Do you know why I came back so late?" "Why?" Song Yanyu now has no brain to speak of, can only follow his words to ask. Brother Ma sent me to your house, but you weren't there. "Why?" "Why?" Tang Junting chuckled and looked up at her. "He didn't send anyone there, but he sent me to you. Why did you say little misty rain?" Should I say that I want to see you very much, or should I say that Brother Ma knows my mind so that you can understand? Uh "I like you, micro gear motor ,24v Gear Motor, fool." The author has something to say: I wish you all a happy reading. Chapter 57 57 Song Yanyu sat in front of the makeup mirror, combing the end of his hair, combing his eyes and emptying them. The secretary watched her thoughts begin to diverge, and her lips turned up repeatedly. He didn't know what he was thinking about. He sighed and reminded her for the third time, "Miss?"? Miss! Oh, don't be in a daze. Director yuan's interview is today. It will be too late if it is later. Roared back by the secretary, she glanced at the secretary, but looked at the smiling housekeeper behind him, Song Yanyu eyes rolled, slightly open lips finally said nothing, turned to the dressing room. As soon as she left, the secretary covered her chest with a lingering fear and asked the housekeeper in a low voice: "Wen Guan, did I speak too loudly just now?" The housekeeper said "no" to comfort him, "the young lady is in a good mood recently, and will not dispute with you.
” Secretary So my salary will be deducted if I am in a bad mood? "But I think the young lady just scolded me with her eyes." Voice just fell, Song Yanyu pushed the door out, a black dress, knee-length leather boots with leather clothes, with her cold and indifferent eyes, really has a kind of killer style. Today, she is going to interview for "Distant Love", which is the first masterpiece of Director yuan after he returned to China. It is full of science and technology. It tells the story of a technological genius being hunted down by a mysterious organization. Finally, he discovers that his girlfriend, who has been dead for many years, has been transformed into a killer by a mysterious organization. Along the way, the man fights with them and uses his technological ability to transform his girlfriend back. The film was just officially announced yesterday. It can be imagined that the male protagonist is Tang Junting, who guarantees the box office of the film, while the female protagonist is Xia Wan of Yongsen. The fans at the bottom are disappointed. It's not that Xia Wan is not good. Her acting skills are online, and she is the first sister of Yongsen. She can match with Tang Junting. But yuan Dao was once asked in an interview whether the woman had considered Song Yanyu, yuan Dao did not even hesitate to say that she had considered it, CP fans were stuffed with cakes, and finally the woman became Xia Wan. Some brain-damaged fans also went below to comment, "If only the heroine was Song Yanyu", "Tang and Song CP cooperation, a sure thing, Director yuan!" The summer fans directly opened the microphone on the micro-blog, and directly rose to the entire group of CP fans. They were criticized by the CP fans and asked them to see the super anti-black and then beep. Those brain-damaged people had already been hung up by them. Be precise, won't you? Xia Wan debut for many years, the fan base is solid, although the fighting capacity is not as good as Tang Junting and Lu Shaoyu, but not many people dare to provoke, after all, the status is there. However,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, Tang and Song CP fans are basically all from Tang fans and Song fans. The proportion of male fans in Song fans is not small. They have chased a lot of female groups in many circles. Their ability to curse the street is not worse than that of Tang fans. This comes and goes, and Xia fans actually have the tendency to be suppressed by CP fans. The small words of CP fans are the same as the recitation of the whole staff, and they are not stuck. ichgearmotor.com

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