During the meal, both Yiyi and Xuanxuan were very happy. Liu Ma was invited by Long Yunhai to sit down at the table and have dinner with the Long family. Where's uncle? Why didn't you see your uncle at dinner? Yi Yi looked at it, and there was really no figure of a Yong. My uncle has something to do with himself. He usually won't come here for dinner in the future. He'll come back when he's free. Long Yunhai quickly explained to the child. He transferred a Yong, a Yong must be separated from the child for a period of time, because he wants to use this time to cultivate feelings with the child. With a lifetime of time waiting for you to say forgive me 2 I wonder where Yong is now? Liu Ma, does Ah Hao know? Zixin looked at the two children playing with the remote control car and asked Liu Ma next to him. Listen to a Hao, a Yong is not willing to help Long Zong work, as if a Yong went back to his hometown yesterday, Uncle Wang said that his family also set a marriage, the girl seems to have been waiting for him. Liu Ma said flatly. People, after all, still have to talk about fate, she never thought that Xia Zixin had not escaped the fate of Longyun Sea, or returned to Longyun Villa. At dinner in the evening, Long Yunhai came back unexpectedly. Isn't it Tuesday today? Xia Zixin looked at him a little blankly. Did he go home on Tuesday instead? I'll come home every day. Let's eat. Long Yunhai sat down beside Xia Zixin and said nothing more. The child is a child in the end,Automated warehouse systems, they have recognized the father of Long Yunhai, when eating, actually began to call the father. Now is July, wait until September, send Yiyi and Xuanxuan to kindergarten, I have contacted,push back racking system, tomorrow there will be a preschool teacher to teach the children. Long Yunhai said simply as he spoke. Am I the hostess of Longyun Villa now? Xia Zixin asked lightly. Of course, you are my wife. Of course, you are the mistress of this villa. What's wrong? Does anyone not care about you? Long Yunhai stared at Xia Zixin. Could it be that during the day, the servants at home embarrassed her? No, I just don't think the layout of the whole villa is very beautiful. I want to change it. I don't know if I have the right. Zi Xin said lightly. You can change this villa into your favorite layout according to your own preferences. You don't have to discuss with me. I have explained the servants and security personnel at home. You are just like my mother when she was alive. The people in this villa will listen to you. Long Yunhai did not say vaguely. Xia Zixin snickered in the heart, she will certainly let this villa become beyond recognition, Long Yunhai, you just wait and see. I am the dividing line of the original family. Bai Yu returned to Binhai again. It was already a month later. She was sitting next to a woman in her forties. She looked like Bai Yu. It seemed that she was either Bai Yu's sister or her mother. Jade, you said there is really a person who looks exactly like you? Have you seen it? Bai Xiaoyan is still a little worried. I have not seen, however, warehouse storage racks ,heavy duty metal racking, that person's husband has mistaken me, you can see that I and she like to what extent, almost all the people who know her have mistaken me, "Bai Yu affirmed.". The last time she went back from Longyunhai, she went straight home. She went back to her home and told me what happened to her in Binhai. Only then did she know that she had a twin sister. Long Zong of this Yunhai Hotel, his wife is his sister, he should find his sister back. Bai Yu said to his mother. Is it? Then let's go to find him, it seems that my Yan son is still alive, "Bai Xiaoyan is a little excited, she has always thought that this life has no chance to see their other daughter.". Long Yunhai just finished the meeting, returned to his office, received a call from the front desk, Bai Yu unexpectedly came to him? "Let her come up." Long Yunhai light command, he did not understand this white jade, he admitted that he had not been treated unfairly. Bai Yu took the elevator to the 28th floor and walked to the presidential suite she was familiar with. Her heart was beating like a rabbit. She was going to see Long Yunhai again. Although she knew that this was her brother-in-law, her heart could not restrain her from thinking about him, and she sometimes scolded herself in her heart.
Bai Yu, I don't remember what I owe you? If you still come to me, tell me what you need, as long as I can help. Long Yunhai opened his mouth lightly, and now he could recognize at a glance that this was not Xia Zixin. Her docile expression was not what Xia Zixin had at all. Xia Zixin was always that kind of arrogant and stubborn expression. My mother and I want to see your wife. Did you get your wife back? Bai Yu looked at him without looking at herself. Her heart immediately became cold. It seemed that she was self-sentimental. See Zixin? Why Long Yunhai is a little unhappy, his wife, not who said to see can see it? "Because she may be my long-lost sister. My mother said I had a twin sister." Bai Yu hurriedly said clearly, it seems that it is still very difficult to see Long Yunhai's wife. Well, it's possible if you do have a long-lost sister. After all, she looks exactly like you. Long Yunhai finally understood, no wonder Bai Yu looked exactly like Xia Zixin, it turned out to be twins. Long Yunhai picked up his cell phone and pressed Xia Zixin's cell phone number, hoping that she was now Longyun Villa. I am the dividing line of the original family. Zixin wandered around Longyun Villa for two days and found that she needed to change the layout very little. If she had to change it, she had to cut down a lot of precious trees. She suddenly felt that the layout of Longyun Villa was very beautiful. She could not bear to spoil the villa. Long Yunhai's preschool teacher is really professional. He teaches Yiyi and Xuanxuan for an hour every morning and an hour in the afternoon. It seems that he is really good to his children. Yiyi and Xuanxuan have a lot of people to take care of, in addition to Liu Ma, the servants in Longyun Villa all like Yiyi and Xuanxuan, handsome children are also good. There is nothing to do today, Zixin wants to go to the city to have a look, mainly to Jingxuan Gallery,radio shuttle racking, I haven't seen Uncle Joe and Big Brother Joe for a long time, of course, she wants to know where her mother and sister are now.

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