"Ziche, in Xiong Tuo's fief is a large clan, like this kind of big clan, they will build a small city by themselves with Xiong Tuo's permission, while the nearby Chu people depend on these big clans to survive, such as renting grain seeds at the beginning of spring.". King Su should have learned that the farmers in the State of Chu did not even have enough grain for the winter, so how could they have the ability to reserve any grain seeds. If they don't rent from the big clans, what will they sow next year? Therefore, in the territory of the State of Chu, many poor peasants often gathered near the cities of the big clans. It formed the unique "Hui" type city of Chu, where the big clans lived in the inner city and the poor peasants lived in the outer city. Every year, the big clans collect grain and taxes from the peasants and then transport them to the city where Xiong Tuo is located.. Yan Mo paused and said with a straight face, "When we enter the territory of the State of Chu, Your Highness, King Su, will know at a glance that there are countless small towns like that in the State of Chu." "Well." Zhao Hongrun nodded his head and immediately joked, "It's a huge profit to exchange salt and rice for pearls, emeralds and agates." Later, the king also sent some people to exchange salt and rice for pearls and emeralds. When Yan Mo heard this, he sighed and shook his head. "That was the past," he said. "Now the big clans no longer trade pearls and emeralds for salt and rice.." "What do you use?" Yan Mo looked a little embarrassed and said in a low voice,Carbon in Pulp, "Woman!" A young woman of the State of Chu. Most of them are the wives and daughters of poor families, who have to sell them to the big clans at a low price because they can't make a living, and then they are sold to.. He glanced at Zhao Hongrun and did not say any more. But although he did not say explicitly, but Zhao Hongrun has obviously understood his meaning, can not help but also some embarrassment. After all, this is not a glorious thing. After half a ring, Zhao Hongrun coughed and changed the subject and said, "By the way,Carbon in Pulp, besides salt and rice, what else have I transported in the black market of Dawei?" "Black marketeers?" Yan Mo murmured the word in his heart, nodded and said, "Yes, and iron ore, and.." When hearing the word "iron ore", Zhao Hongrun had already frowned. After all, iron ore is different from salt and rice. It is a resource reserve and an important strategic material. How can it be traded to an enemy country like Chu? "What else?" "And ordnance!" Yan Mo answered in a deep voice. In his opinion, since he had voted for Zhao Hongrun, there was no need to hide anything. Ordnance?! Zhao Hongrun opened his mouth and failed to close it. Beside him, the general of Junshui Camp, Baili Ba, also cast his eyes on Yan Mo subconsciously, and his face was full of shock. "Are you kidding.." Zhao Hongrun's face suddenly sank. In his view, gold shaking table ,tin beneficiation plant, even if the smuggling of salt and rice, the smuggling of iron ore and ordnance to enemy countries? Is it true? Zhao Hongrun squinted his eyes and asked in a cold voice. When Yan Mo heard this, he said solemnly, "I dare not say anything at the end." If King Su didn't believe it and waited for Xiong Tuo's city to be captured, he would personally lead His Highness to see the storehouse at the end. He believed that there were still a lot of ordnance flowing out of the Wei Dynasty in the storehouse. Zhao Hongrun took a deep look at Yan Mo, the heart has already believed 89%, after all, Yan Mo really did not need to take anything to destroy Zhao Hongrun's trust in him. In other words, what he said should be true. "How dare you!" Zhao Hongrun scolded secretly in his heart. He had decided to wait until the battle was over, but he wanted to find out which group of people had the courage to secretly trade the ordnance of the Great Wei to the State of Chu. (To be continued.) Chapter 154 of the main text: Military Discussion "Ps: Thanks to" Damon Zhang "for his 30,000 yuan reward, and thanks to" Whatever "for his 10,000 yuan reward. So now it's 1/17." — — — — The following text — — I remember that in the first half of this year, when Zhao Hongrun was asked by his father, Emperor Wei, about the strategy of national wealth in the Chuigong Hall, he mentioned something about ordnance. At that time, Zhao Hongrun suggested that it would be better to sell the obsolete ordnance to other countries, even the enemy, than to let it wait in the warehouse for rust or spend a lot of money to rebuild it into farm tools.
At that time, Zhao Hongrun's remarks startled Lin Yuyang and Yu Ziqi, two Zhongshu ministers. After all, in their view, if it was sold to a small country that was a vassal of Wei, it could be said, but if it was sold to an enemy country, it was obviously the practice of supporting the enemy. But Zhao Hongrun don't think so, he felt that as long as the big Wei's iron smelting technology is always ahead of other countries, the big Wei's armament building technology is also ahead of other countries, even if the sale of those eliminated ordnance, also do not damage the fighting capacity of the big Wei army. In short, Zhao Hongrun supported the sale of obsolete ordnance to other countries, even the Chu State of the enemy. But now, when he learned from Yan Mo that the ordnance of the Great Wei had been secretly transported and sold to the State of Chu through unknown channels, he felt a little uncomfortable. Ordnance, that is state-owned assets, even if sold to other countries, the money should also be turned over to the state treasury, or used to develop the construction of the Wei Dynasty, or used to subsidize the people of the Wei Dynasty, when is it the turn of private individuals to secretly pocket the money? Is it free for the Foundry Bureau of the Ministry of War of the Great Wei Dynasty to build ordnance? The Smelting Bureau of the Ministry of Works laid the groundwork for the Foundry Bureau to carve molds and smelt iron ore for free? Want to know, big Wei every year to invest in smelting iron, arms on the money, in the Ministry of the overall expenditure but the proportion is quite large, Zhao Hongrun came up with a way to ease the annual deficit of the Ministry of war, but didn't think someone had already tried to reach out for money in this piece. This is what Zhao Hongrun can't tolerate. But at the moment, he temporarily pressed this problem in the bottom of his heart,gold heap leaching, after all, the immediate priority is how to conquer the territory of Xiong Tuo. Incorrect. It should be said that it is to capture Runan as soon as possible and open the door to Chu. When the Wei soldiers of the Junshui Battalion entered the ancient city of Shangcai, ten thousand Yanling soldiers and more than fifty thousand Pingyang soldiers were already busy in the city: they were picking up the dirty things left by the Chu army when they were stationed here. Searching for supplies.

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