For whom is his tenderness, his sorrow? Qin Tian saw the scene and the thunder is not quite the same, he also saw the dynamic image picture, but the content is definitely different. Numerous scenes flashed on the screen, and many familiar faces appeared one by one, including Fire Spirit Saint Bingxin, Jade Sword Slaughter Dragon Shen Xueyi, Xuannu Dongfang Yuruo, Yunxia Fairy, Beichen Guang, Nie Haifeng, Gulie, Longhua, Tianhua Evil Moon and so on. The figures of these people flash quickly on the screen, and each person's experience is different. Beichen light has arrived at the blue planet, is leading the Tianyuan faction and the master of Beichen family to the oasis. Fire Spirit Saint Bing Xin and the master of the Holy Mother's Heavenly Palace were attacked on a planet with life. Dongfang Yuruo and the master of Dongsheng Xuanzong are still shuttling back and forth in the star field, and there is a feeling of getting lost. Yunxia Fairy with Shen Xueyi, Zhou Yi and other small cloud Canghai masters, driving the Canghai, trapped in a starry whirlpool, the situation seems very dangerous. The master of Zhanshenzong went to a planet full of corpses and was engaged in a fierce battle with the corpse demon and the bone demon. Sihaimeng is lucky enough to find a cave house left by his predecessor on a planet and is exploring for treasures. Long Hua, the immortal master of Ao Yue Men, was trapped in a water area on a planet. There were huge and terrible monsters everywhere. Facing the endless sea, he looked very desperate. The Tianhua family, the three yuanshu families, and other major forces all have different experiences, and all kinds of experiences have appeared on the camera one after another. Qin Tian felt strange,outdoor whirlpool tub, how could he see what happened to other people here? If everything is just an illusion, what is the meaning of its existence? If what we see is true, why do other people's images appear on this planet and in this place? In meditation, Qin Tian fell into confusion, which is very difficult to explain a phenomenon, at least he thought for a long time, but also can not think of the mystery. Qin Tian withdrew his eyes, took a look at the thunder beside him, and found that his face was infatuated and affectionate, and he was greatly surprised. Indifference such as thunder,jacuzzi suppliers, unexpectedly will appear this kind of expression, in the end this is how to return a responsibility? Qin Tian's lips moved slightly, and he wanted to ask about it, but after a little thought, he let it go. Thunder, who has always been indifferent, has little expression change on his face, especially the affectionate and infatuated side, which is almost impossible to see. Now, Thunder has this reaction, which shows that he has seen a scene that touches his heart, so why should he interrupt it? Qin Tian moved his eyes to the whirlwind again, and the situation changed again. ; www.xiaoshuotxt。 com Chapter 138 the immortal soul of terror. Above the lens, a familiar figure pulls Qin Tian's sensitive nerves, which is the medical snow that gives him a new life. Since Qin Tian left Tianyi Xiaozhu, Yi Tianxue has mysteriously disappeared, and there has been no news so far. Now, the figure of Yi Tianxue suddenly appeared on the camera, how can Qin Tian not be ecstatic? How nice it would be if we could learn about the current situation of Yitianxue. At this moment, american hot tub ,garden jacuzzi tub, Qin Tian's heart beat faster because of emotional excitement, motionless looking at the familiar figure, eager to get in. The whirlwind is from far to near, and the picture is clearer and clearer. A feeling of danger suddenly came to Qin Tian's mind and woke him up in an instant. Qin Tian's right hand trembled slightly, and the word'soul 'appeared in his palm, which shocked Qin Tian. He grabbed the thunder beside him and shouted, "Go quickly." Thunder suddenly woke up, and before he could ask, the whirlwind came, like a downpour, trying to involve the two men. Thunder eyes angrily open, two black brilliance from the eyes, condensed into the space field, trying to block the pursuit of the whirlwind. This is the master of the realm of creation for the use of space law, can change the structure of nearby space in the shortest possible time, space defense and attack. This is the most effective means of defense, the general attack is difficult to cross the space barrier. However, the power of the whirlwind is eerie and horrible, even directly crushing the space defense issued by the thunder, tearing up the space field, and locking Qin Tian and the thunder like a shadow. Qin Tian tightly changed the realm of cultivation, although trying to retreat, the speed is not slow, but can not get rid of the pursuit of the whirlwind.
Thunder saw that the space field did not work, and immediately put on the time field, trying to stop time temporarily, thus taking Qin Tian away. But the power of the whirlwind is invincible, even the time of imprisonment can be easily destroyed, which is simply terrible to the extreme. What the hell is this that's so horrible? Thunder angry, although knowing that defense is useless, but has been constantly launched defense. Qin Tian did his best and said hurriedly, "Immortal soul.." While the words were still ringing in our ears, the whirlwind suddenly accelerated and hit two people in one fell swoop, shaking the thunder on the spot and involving Qin Tian in the whirlpool. Careful Thunder frightened, in the shock of the soul has been awakened, but he did not give up, although the shock flew out, but instantly shot back, trying to rush into the whirlwind, Qin Tian rescued. Whirlwind high-speed rotation, easy to bounce off the thunder, let him how to try, always unable to rush in. Qin Tian was involved in the whirlwind, a bright and uncertain figure changing shape, sometimes like a shining cloud, sometimes like a transparent person, sometimes into a picture, sometimes into an array. Qin Tian's mind is tight, although the body is constantly rotating, but the eyes have been locked on that changeable thing. Is this the legendary immortal soul? Qin Tian was not sure, but he felt the crisis, he had no room to struggle in the whirlwind, any resistance was futile, even the Dantian Qihai was calm, the body's True Qi completely disappeared, without a trace of fluctuations. The threat became more and more intense, Qin Tian felt the breath of death, the changeable thing in front of him emitted the power of terror, and a feeling of dying enveloped Qin Tian's body. Suddenly, a chaotic cloud of light condensed into a bright ball of light,jacuzzi manufacturers, the size of a fist, flashing like the fluctuation of life, strong to devour Qin Tian.

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