It's not as if there is such a novelistic plot as being angry everywhere. Grandma is still a nagging old lady after all. She gives you money to buy cold drinks, allows you to take wild cats home from the road, and lets you eat in bed watching animation on weekends. Only occasionally when you wake up from a nap, you hear her say to her uncle who is resting, "That little girl, lazy is too lazy to come, just like her mother!" Pretend to sleep eyes open a little look out of the window, has entered the autumn season, the shed fell a few unknown petals. The significance of autumn is that many festivals are concentrated at that time, and the biggest Spring Festival is one step closer to itself. The meaning of the festival is that in the surging crowd of people returning to the city for the festival, my father is here and my mother is here. Although quarrels are inevitable, the family can live a normal life when they come back occasionally. My mother was making dumplings, my father was cooking in the kitchen, my grandmother went to buy wine, and my uncle called my relatives one by one. You sit beside the new clothes your mother bought, touch them with your hands, touch them again,car radiator cap, and giggle excitedly, not knowing where to go. The days pass too fast. Autumn is a short time next to spring. It was as if the leaves were just shaking gently, fading yellow so quickly, hiding under the silent white and never showing up again. The first day Mom and Dad left, Uncle got drunk and came home. You took your homework and asked him to sign it for you. As a result, you got a slap in the face. When I was young, I may not know anything,die casting parts, but I have a good memory. You sit in the alley and watch the neighbor's kid running in the distance with a lollipop, rush over and knock the candy out of his hand, grab his ear and collar and kick out an unauthentic mess. His parents finally came and asked, "What are you doing?"? What are you doing? Presumably, you just want sugar all of a sudden. www。 xiaoshuotxt。 com Topic: Meet you without a sound (Xiao/Shuo/t/xt | Tiantang) [I] One of the addresses regularly visited in the page's favorites is a photo blog set up by a foreign photographer for stray cats under his lens. Almost 90% of the photos are processed into black and white, describing the life of every stray cat in the neighborhood where he lives. But although they are stray cats, in fact, because of the clean environment and relatively leisurely life in the area, they do not bear the mark of "misery". Instead, they show some sense of ownership that they do not know where it comes from. They occupy an abandoned car tire and stretch. But what I want to say here is not a topic with "cat" as its core. Because of the blog that I go to several times a week, the webmaster is in a foreign country where I don't understand the language, so I just dive and peep all the time. Although occasionally I am suddenly moved by the cat in a photo and want to leave a message, Magnetic Drain Plug ,Steel investment casting, I finally give up because of the "language barrier". I would also like to add that although this is a "great" private site in my opinion, it seems that for some reason it is still unknown, and the comments under each photo are not many, or even few. So one day after adding this, I suddenly saw a name I recognized on a message from a visitor. At first, of course, I had the idea of "having the same name", after all, there are thousands of people called "Luoluo" on the Internet (or conservative estimates), and I only account for one thousandth of them. But as I tried to make sense of the message he left in English, the address before his signature read "Shanghai. China", "and moving my mouse over the name brought up his e-mail address. All the details still fit together, making it one in a thousand possible. [III] Even though it has been written in various articles, it is now the real, real "meeting you silently". Ah, it's not that I haven't imagined what kind of background, what kind of place, and even what kind of clothes you wear and what bag I carry when I meet you again. I have thought many times about different combinations of places and times. But to be honest, I never thought it would be like this. In fact, you don't even know that I have met you like this. Internet is really bad:) Are you still in Shanghai.
That mailbox has been used for so many years and has not been replaced:)? [4] There are thousands of web pages, billions and billions. Meet a long-lost figure here. And it was a quiet, sudden encounter that only I knew. Light gray pages, white background, black words. Even with the help of online dictionaries, only 70% of the messages were understood. I had stayed there for more than half a year, and I had prepared such a farewell. It's like this. Goodbye. [5] If a person works at home for a long time, he will inevitably feel that life is a little boring, and a lot of "life insights" that must be prepared for "code words" will become barren. So I even need to go outside twice from time to time in order to let "life" come to "feel" me. After all, where people accumulate, we can find many sensitive dribs and drabs. For example, the Obasan tourist who asked me to help take two group photos checked the image in front of me before leaving and said, "It doesn't seem very good.". What face should I make:). Roughly speaking, the more people there are, the richer the mood will be, so that I can write down and express a central idea. So I always feel that the experience on the Internet has a sense of distance, and it is difficult to invest in everything because it is not a personal experience. But when I think about it carefully, I think it's a big mistake. [6] It takes a lot of energy to really integrate into a forum or a BBS, so most people who don't have time keep a "diving" posture. Although at the moment I rarely fixed a few forums to squat, often in order to consult "constipation" and so on and keep a month of "Chinese Medicine Forum",Stainless steel foundry, but every day will still go to two or three small BBS stroll around twice. They are often recommended by friends of friends, or found when searching for relevant information on the Internet, and consistently follow the "follow the trail" excavation route.

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